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Energy and Construction Industry

Shaping the Future with Renewable Energy Investments and Social Impact Construction Projects

At Àkros Funds, our investment strategy in the Energy sector is sharply focused on renewable energy sources, particularly solar and wind power. Understanding the critical nature of energy flexibility in the era of renewables, we strategically invest in companies that excel as Balancing Service Providers (BSPs). These BSPs are essential in managing the variability and intermittency of renewable energy sources, thereby ensuring a stable and efficient energy grid. Our commitment lies in fostering the growth and integration of renewable energy into the broader energy mix, recognizing its pivotal role in a sustainable future.

In the realm of Construction, our investment strategy is centered around social impact projects. We emphasize partnerships with companies dedicated to developing student residences and community housing, underlining our commitment to social responsibility in the construction sector. Integrating advanced and sustainable technologies in these projects is a key focus, aligning with our vision of promoting environmental sustainability while contributing positively to societal needs.

Energy and Construction Industry

  • Investor Category: Institutional and private investors interested in renewable energy and sustainable construction.
  • Risk Grade: 3 (Medium). Investments in renewable energies and construction may face volatility due to market dynamics and environmental policies.
  • Compartment Objectives: To generate sustainable growth and long-term returns by investing in renewable energy projects and constructions with a positive social impact.
  • Investment Thresholds/Limits: Minimum investment of €30,000. Geared towards medium to long-term investments.

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