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Food and Beverage

Investing in Health-Forward and Eco-Conscious Food Production

In the Food and Beverage sector, Àkros Funds employs a discerning investment approach, focusing on enterprises engaged in the production of healthy foods. Our commitment is deeply entrenched in supporting the development and distribution of products that cater to consumer health. This strategic focus aligns with the increasing global demand for nutraceuticals and sustainably produced food items.

We place significant emphasis on sustainable production methods, recognizing their substantial impact on both consumer health and the environment. Our investment portfolio includes companies that champion wellness-oriented food production, embodying the profound concepts of ‘Made in Italy’ — renowned for quality and authenticity. We are particularly interested in companies producing nutraceutical-rich meals for canteens and those manufacturing health-enhancing food products, such as nutritional oils and antioxidants. This focus reflects our understanding that investing in these companies contributes to a healthier ecosystem and supports ethical agricultural practices.

Our investments strictly adhere to EU regulations on organic certification and food safety standards. This rigorous compliance strategy not only minimizes risks but also echoes our commitment to responsible and sustainable investment ethics.

We firmly believe in the power of responsible investing to effect positive change in consumer habits, advance sustainable food and beverage production, and bolster the growth of companies making a tangible difference in the food industry. Through our strategic investments, we aim to contribute to the wellbeing of consumers and the sustainability of our planet.

Food and Beverage

  • Investor Category: Private investors and investment funds focused on sustainable food sectors and the production of healthy foods.
  • Risk Grade: 2 (Low-Medium). The food and beverage sector tends to be less volatile but subject to consumer trends and food regulations.
  • Compartment Objectives: To support the sustainable production and distribution of healthy foods, promoting ethical production practices.
  • Investment Thresholds/Limits: Minimum investment of €10,000. Suitable for those looking to commit to sustainable food practices.

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