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Akros Funds is at the forefront of reshaping the pharmaceutical industry by strategically investing in companies distinguished by their innovative and sustainable approaches.

In the dynamic pharmaceutical sector, Àkros Funds takes a strategic approach, focusing on companies that stand out with their unique contributions. Our interest is primarily in organizations characterized by robust intellectual property and innovative processes that are sustainable and scalable within the substantial market landscape.

We prioritize companies that are trailblazers in the pharmaceutical field, particularly those with a strong emphasis on developing sustainable methods in drug production and delivery. The crux of our investment strategy lies in supporting entities that not only push the boundaries of scientific innovation but also do so with an eye on environmental and ethical sustainability. This approach aligns with our vision of supporting advancements that are not just commercially viable but also beneficial for the broader community and environment.

A significant area of our interest is in nutraceuticals, specifically those targeting oxidative stress reduction. We recognize the growing importance of dietary supplements in promoting health and preventing age-related diseases, including various neurodegenerative conditions. By investing in companies at the forefront of researching and developing these supplements, we aim to contribute to the broader health and wellbeing of aging populations. This focus is not only on the commercial potential of these products but also on their capacity to enhance quality of life and address critical health challenges in society.

Through our investments, we aim to support the growth of pharmaceutical companies that are making significant strides in improving health outcomes and paving the way for a future where medical advancements are accessible and beneficial for all.


  • Investor Category: Private investors and research entities focused on innovation in the pharmaceutical and biotechnological sector.
  • Risk Grade: 4 (Medium-High). Investing in pharmaceuticals carries high risks due to uncertainties in new drug development and regulatory approvals.
  • Compartment Objectives: To fund the research and development of innovative and sustainable treatments, with a particular focus on global health and oxidative stress reduction.
  • Investment Thresholds/Limits: Minimum investment of €30,000. Aimed at investors willing to undertake risks for potentially revolutionary innovations.

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